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Monday, 27 June 2011

Day 14 Two Weeks Post Surgery!

  WOW!!! Its flown by! As if it has been two weeks!!! Its going so fast, but still a slight bit of swelling to go. Me, Mum and her best friend went up to the hospital to see dad, and bless her, she got us all a pack of minstrels each......... it took me about two hours to suck on 12 minstrels!!! It tasted AMAZING!!!! lol.
   My mouth feels so weird, no that I'm gaining more feeling in my face, i can really feel the difference! My top teeth defiantly feel more forward and my bottom set of teeth feel as though they have been pulled back. Its feels so odd because my tongue is so not used to it!!! LOL! I'm still taking pain killers, but not as much as i used to. I take them now in the morning and occasionally during the day. I still sleep kinda upright, because i know if i lay down, ill wake up laying on my side......don't think ill like the pain in my jaw thanks very much! Its not so bad sleeping upright, kinda get used to it and i sleep fine.
  Dad has finally been moved to a ward and is on the mend everyday! Woo hoo! Bless him! Mum had clinic today.......turns out she needs another operation! Bloody hell!!! Might as well call this hospital our families hotel!!! Seems like we are their enough......well i think mum either really likes the food........(joke) or she has a really fit doctor.....she so does!! Haha!

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Day 13 No Race for Life for me :(

   GUTTED!!!! Today is race for life in Bury St Edmunds and i cant go for the first time in two years!!! NOOOOOOO!!!!! To be fair i wouldn't of been able to run it and I'm really worried someone might knock into my face!!!, but the atmosphere is so great i would of loved walking it!!!! My co-workers at Tesco posted pictures of the day on Facebook and i was so gutted!!! Next year for me!! I miss running so so much, walking is just pants in comparison! Hopefully i can get out running like a mad woman soon :D
Here is last years race for life picture :) 2010!!
You can just see the gap in my teeth, it looks like I'm smiling with my jaw open.....but I'm really not lol. So gutted i wasn't there today!! :(

  So I'm still a bit on the swollen side, but things have defiantly improved. I'm beginning to feel some areas of my lips and it is so weird because my braces are in a slightly different position in my mouth due to surgery! It's like my top set are higher up and its so annoying, they feel like they are in the way. All i wanna do is pull them off!!! Grrrrr!!!
  Me and mum did our daily trip to the hospital to see dad!....I dunno...he got us running around like muppets lol!! Bless him! But he is looking better. Get your backside home now!....please lol!


Saturday, 25 June 2011

Day 12 Living up the hospital! haha!! Suitable place for a fat face!

    Soooo today was pretty much the same as yesterday, up the hospital with dad. Mums best friends bless her, let us borrow a portable dvd player for dad to have whilst he is couped up in hospital, love him! Sooo he has been spoilt with dvds, which he loves!! haha! As well as the laptop and a few rubbish strategy games.......so crap haha!! but he likes them.
   Its times like these that you really find out who your real family are, and ive defiantly had a shock at who has helped and offered support and those who haven't.

Face update
   So I'm beginning to move my face a bit more now, but some areas are still ridiculously numb- to, left side of my lips and below my left eye.  I cannot wait for the double chin look to disappear!!!! It makes me laugh when i see it......but i would much rather be without it! The yellowness of the bruising has gone, thank god, it looked like i hadn't washed my neck for a few weeks!!! LOL!

Oh My God.......I sneezed for the first time since surgery!!! It felt oddly good haha!!!! All i really want to do is blow my nose!!!!! I know I'm not allowed to, i have to think twice before i end up doing it!!! The nose bleeds are less frequent..... don't need tissue in my hands all the time for emergencies lol!!!! Woo hoo!!

Chill Out Time!
   So my auntie and i decided that we needed to chill out, especially mum! So my mum had her haircut by my aunt, had a few munchies!! Oh My God i was so hungry this evening!!! I ate all of the giant buttons my second mum bought me.......which took like 5 hours to suck them!!!! Definitely not as great as biting them! My jaw kinda ached afterwards!!!  I had my first alcoholic drink since surgery!!!!! woooooo!!!......only one though, it didn't taste as great!.....weird. Might be because in still on the lovely painkillers! I still have the achy kinda feeling, but its usually when i wake up in the morning and after I've attempted some sort of food (slop) lol. Its definitely getting better.....lets hope it does all round for the family lol!! We tough cookies!

Friday, 24 June 2011

Day 11 Fat Face and Mum visit Dad

   So my swelling isn't half as bad any more, but you can still tell i have an abnormal face! At least i know the swelling is going.........so slowly!!! Hurry up!
  Mum and i visited dad early, just after my auntie and cousin left, to keep him company bless him! He has a bay all to himself!!!.........cheeky bugger! lol! It was kinda scary seeing him the way he was, but his doctor/ surgeon said its all good and dandy and is on the road to recovery! FINALLY! (I don't think my dad would appreciate me telling the world what the details were) bless him.
  We left dad to sleep for a bit, whilst we grabbed a bite to eat, but what kind of jacket potato place doesn't have any baked beans!!! I mean honestly!!! I cant eat any of the other crunchy stuff they had so i ended up having ice cream.....for dinner!!! haha!...... cant complain really lol! Its so weird being restricted from so many foods, but to be completely honest, I'm not really craving anything ,......except maybe some smarties cookies haha!!

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Day 10 Could of been better!

  Today mum went to the hospital on her own to see dad, because he seemed a bit down and lonely bless him!! Mum would let me go, so i stayed during the day as my second mum was coming round to see me for the first time post surgery!!! Slightly nervous about what she is going to say!!! Ahhhhh!!!!
    It was so good to see someone other than family, as much as i love them to bits lol. She got me a beautiful bunch of flowers, big bag of giant chocolate buttons and all three flavours of yazoo milkshakes!!! the BIG bottles!!! what is she like...THANK YOU :D lol.
   She noticed the difference, but I'm still swollen slightly as the profile view picture shows, i really cant tell the difference, maybe because i keep looking in the mirror! lol. Bless her I'm so glad she came round to see me, so much has been going on in this family, i haven't really had time to see anyone.
I look tired from waking up shockingly early because my jaw starts to aches.....BIG time. Lol double chin!!!

Oh My God
  So my mum has just told me, dad needs emergency surgery and he wanted to speak to us all on the phone before he went down.........scared the living daylights out of me, so i got ready to get my backside on the bus to the hospital, but luckily my auntie was going up and gave me a lift!! Mum was a mess! I felt so bad for not forcing her to let me come with her earlier! I dont want her to start smoking again as its nearly been a year since she gave up! luckily she hadn't touched a fag!! Phew! Me, my aunt and my cousin tried calming her down and brought her a huge costa tea. She looked stressed to high heaven! It scared me as she is still recovering herself and shouldnt really be driving but she is!!! What else honestly can go wrong in this family! My aunt and cousin left at around 9pm leaving me and mum to find out news of dad in the operating theatre. Turned out he was still in surgery so we waited in a tiny waiting room for what seemed like forever. A nurse kept offering us tea bless him. 1.30am and finally mum could go and see him, but he was still in pain! WTF! The nurses eventually got his morphine sorted and let us both see him. Scary stuff, he looked so upset!! He wouldn't want me to post what happened but it is hopefully going to be reversed in the near future. It calmed us down knowing he was okay.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Day 9 Swelling much the same as yesterday!!!

   I keep waking up quite early everyday, to take a few pain killers and because I'm so hungry!!!!! Loads of bloggers said they didn't feel hungry.......I'm always hungry lol! I put on some make-up today, to make myself feel better, as I'm going to the hospital to go see my dad.....again! bless him, he loves it!

   I'm starting to gain some feeling in some areas of my face, but the area under my left eye and above the left side of my lips is still VERY numb! Felt so weird putting eye-liner on.......i couldn't feel it, but i didn't wanna end up stabbing myself in the eye!!!......bad times! Its such a strange feeling, its feels gross!

Surgical hooks
   The hooks are starting to give me a bit of grief by rubbing on the inside of my mouth........thank god for bongela!!!
My speech is getting better, but with one side of my lips still numb and getting used to the new position of my teeth, i have the joys of a lisp!!! Everyone makes fun out of it!!!!.......bastards! lol.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Day 8 Swelling going down.....slower!!!!!

 My face has come down a lot, but it seems to be slowing down!!! I think I'm just getting so impatient because i want to see the final result!! lol. I'm bored of the same old food, but i cant get enough milkshake :D Ive lost some weight but not a huge amount which i hope not to lose any more!!!
   My poor dog bless her doesn't know what's going on, as i look and talk different and dad hasn't been home for 3 weeks.  Dad seems to be doing fine and could be home any day now :D yay!!
  Ive been going out to places like sainsburys.....as i don't know anyone in there lol!! A few people looked at me oddly but i expected it! lol.
   I haven't really read any of my books i bought for recovery, I've been so addicted to reading other peoples blogs relating to jaw surgery! They have helped me so much and answer so many questions i had, so i decided to make my own.

Picture update
  My face has come down more since the last picture, but i still resemble a cabbage patch doll! haha! All of the swollen areas are numb, as well as an area just below my left eye. I keep getting tingly/ itchy feelings in my face, but i hear this is good as it means the numbness is going lol. 
  This picture was taking in the concourse at the hospital, whilst my auntie was laughing at me.........THANKS!! haha! My hair looks really pants and flat!!! grrrrrr!!!!! but I'm still a happy chappy :D.
  We all went to see my dad, and take him off the ward to get a hot chocolate and a milkshake.......not that I'm addicted.....hehe! He looked so well!! The best he has looked since ive been back from university!!! Ahhhhh is our luck for our family about to change... :D! It was such a nice day, so we sat outside in the sun, and it felt so good to be outside lol, sounds really sad!!! 

Monday, 20 June 2011

Day 7 One Week!

  As if its been a whole week already!! Its actually gone pretty quick! Ive tried to keep myself busy or i would go insane!!! I'm used to being a busy bee! So weird being in a lot more than i used to. We went to see dad again today, he seemed a tad better, and is eating and drinking again.
   My face is coming down slowly but surely lol, but i still have people stare when i go out....... its gonna be worth it.

My diet so far,
   Ive been living off of porridge, weetabix, jacket potato and beans, hot cornflakes- bit more difficult, milkshake, ice-cream, and biscuits dunked in tea lol :D - even they are a bit of a challenge!!!!! haha!
Ive also been taking a multivitamin as I'm not getting them from my food, so i don't feel so weak and tired.
The swelling has come down a tiny bit more from yesterday, however still on the large side, but its slowly getting there!! I look pants, and my camera has died so no picture lol.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Day 6 Happy Father's Day Dad

  Today me and mum and my brothers went to see dad in hospital bless him, to give him his fathers day card and prezzie :D We had hot chocolate, i had more whilst they ate food :( i cannot wait to chew.
  Dad took the mick out of my face....... wouldn't be dad otherwise lol!! Turns out my friend works on the same ward!!! Shocking stuff bless her!!! I admire her for becoming a nurse! She was shocked at my face, and i was talking really odd......haha! good times.The picture shows the update on the swelling, it has come down a lot since the last picture update!!.......still looks massive to me though lol!
Front View- I look so happy :)
Profile shot- Chubbs! :D

  Cant wait till dad gets home, so we can just chill out.

Numbness update
   Pretty much my whole face is numb, my lips feel 10 times bigger than they used to haha! probably why I'm talking weird. Still on  painkillers, but its more like an ache just like when you have braces first put on, its bearable. I'm still sleeping upright, i hate sleeping on my back i like to curl up so its a bit pants, hopefully for not much longer.

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Day 5 BORED!

   Soooooo bored today!!! I really cant wait to go running or get back to work before uni starts again! Staying indoors sucks! I watched a few disney films and filled up on milkshake wooo hooo!!! My face is still on the large side, but my mum seems to think its coming down slowly....all i see is a huge face haha!!
   Its so annoying to keep up with the nose bleeds and mouthwash after food. It could be worse lol.  A stitch came off today!!! wooooo one down god knows how many more. It makes me cringe when i brush my teeth because i cant feel anything, but i can see the stitches in the mirror! creeeepppyyy!

Friday, 17 June 2011

Day 4 Lazy Day

  I got up and showered and i felt so much better. My face is still large and slightly bigger on the left side :S don't have a clue why! Hope it don't stay that way haha!! I still don't have a chin.......well more like 6 chins haha! Some bruising has begun to appear under my chin which looks attractive and yellow lol.
  Mum had a friends over and all i wanted to do was hide behind a pillow! But turns out mum already sent them a picture of my face before they came round!!! Thanks a lot mum!
  I didn't feel up to going to the hospital today.....sorry dad, so i talked to him for ages on the phone whilst mum was there. I was so tired so i listened to my ipod before i went to sleep.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Day 3 The Cabbage Patch Doll look! Orthodontist appointment

  Soooo i woke up this morning with an even bigger face, i didn't think it could get much bigger! What makes today even better is that i have an orthodontist appointment today....... he is going to laugh at my face!!!! LOL!
  The receptionists and nurses found it highly amusing that my face was huge and kept making me laugh, eventhough it hurt to laugh or smile :D. Although it was so hard to open my mouth as wide as i could, my orthodontist was very pleased with the result and even called in my surgeon and it turns out i DON'T need elastic bands yet, but i may do in two weeks time wooooo hhooooo!!! I'm so fricking happy right now! My surgeon is still giggling after i told him not to bugger it up.......well he did a blooming fantastic job, I'm so chuffed, just waiting for the swelling to go. Next appointment on the 1st July 2011.
  I had some photography done again, but it was so difficult as i couldn't really open my mouth very much at all! Mum found this hilarious, and i could help but laugh, but it hurt so much!! lol.
   Off to mums clinic, whilst i sat there with a humongous face. Mums doctor asked if i was okay lol because of the nose bleeds and the fact my face is HUGE haha!
   We went to see dad and told him the fantastic news  :D and got him down to the concourse for hot chocolate. love him. He seemed so much better and should be home soon.
  My friend who i worked with, saw me!!!! How embarrassing! She was just like, why is your face so big!!! haha!
   I managed a jacket potato and beans, which is so much more satisfying than porridge. I'm still in loads of painkillers, paracetamol, Tramadol, ibuprofen etc. But its definitely not as bad as i thought it would be.
Fat Booth without the app!!! haha!

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Day 2 More swelling

   Oh My Days!!! The swelling is much bigger today!!! My face is completely numb and feels so so odd to touch! I had to get up and make some breakfast at 7am, i was so hungry. Hot weetabix, cannot go wrong :D
   Most of the day i spent on the laptop and texting everyone as well as having a nap!!! WHAT!! Ive never ever been able to nap! Even as a student i just cant do it! but somehow i did wooo! I had a shower and it felt so good afterwards. I felt really weak so i sat on a stool in the shower haha!
  Milkshake is great!! Frijj is  bit too thick to drink at the moment, so I'm sticking with yazoo! Mum went to see dad, i felt so weak i couldn't go!! i was so gutted! But i spoke to him on the phone :D Bless my brother, he made me some spaghetti for dinner!!
  More nose bleeds and cleaning because i was finding it so hard to breathe, especially as i couldn't really spit, so it was hard to breathe through my mouth.......its good times....... lol.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Day 1 Post Op - Hello Fat Face

   What a night! I didn't really sleep as i had nurses check on me every hour to take my blood pressure, temperature and pain level. My morphine button helped me drift in and out of sleep, which was fun :D haaha! I wasn't in any pain. A nurse bless him made me a cup of tea with a straw because i was absolutely craving one haha! My jaw was free, so i was able to talk....a little bit. During the night, any water i drank, kept coming back up with blood.....nice lol! I was good though, got it in the bowl everytime!! whoop whoop! The oxygen tube kept falling out of my nose which was so annoying!!! I was eventually allowed to leave it out about 5am this morning, but then i kept having nose bleeds......should of left it in!!! haha!
   8am- My surgeon and 4 other came along to see me. He was so pleased with the surgery and as soon as I'm detatched from the machines to get up, brush my teeth....WHAT! how?? lol but i gave it a go!! Took AGES!!!! I had an anti-clotting injecting in my tummy, which wasn't too bad lol.
   A nurse bless her, helped me change into a clean gown, as i got blood on my other one....my bad! The lady opposite me was so sweet, she kept asking if i was okay and we kept chatting.....well, as much as i could haha! I was so confused because i didn't know whether i was supposed to be banded shut or what, but i was eventually told i see my orthodontist on Thursday, so I'm free until then!! woooooooo!

Brushing my teeth!
   So wierd! My face is completely numb, even my teeth and gums! So it was odd to say the least. I had to be SO careful as there are stitches all the way along the top set of my teeth and a few in the lower sides of my mouth. Looked gross but awesome haha! Eventhough it felt really uncomfortable, i felt so much better afterwards.
  Nose bleeds were constant! 5 boxes of tissues gone.....oopsy! I felt really sick after just walking from the toilet to my bed! head rush!!! Bless the nurses they calmed me down! I got into my own pjs and listened to my ipod and chilled out. I tried to read my book but i was seeing double, i had to close one eye to text lol!!!! shocking stuff!!!

   Oh My God! An old friend was serving breakfast! how embarrassing! hi, i haven't seen you for ages, but look at my amazing fat face and me dribbling lol! I managed 3 spoons of porridge. I ate really stupid, i could hardly open my mouth and my dribbling like a baby. Later on i managed 3 scoops of mash wooo hoo.

   Liquid paracetamol, i decided is the most disgusting thing ever!!!! I wanted to throw up lol but i knew it would stop the achey feeling. Mouthwash was interesting because i cant spit properly!! its like i have no teeth haha what a douche. One of the consultants came round and gave me the all clear to go home!!! yaaayyyy!!!!!!
The morning after- Swelling coming out big time!! Starting to look like a cabbage patch doll!

   Mum came at 15.00 and gave me news on dad, he had 12 inches of intestine removed today! WOW!! So we went off to track him down to go see him. It took an HOUR!! to find him. People were staring at me......not gonna lie i would stare if someone had an abnormally large face!!! lol Thanks mum for this picture.
In front of Go potato because of my potato face LOL!

Dad looked awful, he had no painkillers given to him, or even any water! Not a happy chappy!! We made sure before we left him at 8pm that he was ok.
   I felt so uncomfortable, i was so hungry i at a whole bowl of porridge.......took about an hour! and was off to bed. Sleeping upright...yaaay joyful.......not! as well as keeping up with nosebleeds, painkillers. Fun times!

Monday, 13 June 2011

Today is the day they break my face!

5am- sooooo tired, but i slept fine, dunno how haha! The only thing that sucks is that i cant eat or drink now until after surgery, noooooooooooo! Although, I'm actually really not hungry, might be because i ate so much yesterday haha! I was all packed and ready to go and said bye to my gorgeous dog Tinks bless her, and was on my way at 6am!
  Me and mum arrived early on the ward at 6.40am and had to wait in a seminar room as the ward doesn't open until 7am. We wasn't bored, we were playing this game called words with friends on our phones lol!
  Once in the ward, i had  recliner chair to sit in- mum had a pants plastic chair haha!! Whilst waiting i was playing this stupid annoying game called shot!!!grrrrr! I saw the anaesthetist who will be administering my anaesthetic, who just asked general questions about how im feeling and whats going to happen, family history and stuff.
   About 5 minutes later i saw my surgeon and a few trainees i think to talk about the procedure, ensure the wafers fit and to see if I'm okay with everything......i was fine, my heart was racing lol, the only pants thing was that i was last on the list........grrrrrr!!!! Meaning i can drink water until 9am!! RESULT!
  After a stroll to the concourse, i came back to be in bay 14 with my hospital gown, socks, dressing gown and shoes ready! Looks attractive as my picture shows lol! Which was only taking because a nurse urged mum to post it on facebook!!! Thanks mum! To pass the time we played hanging with friends on mums phone, its so addictive!!!! how sad are we haha!
In the bay waiting to go down.

Modelling my hospital outfit haha!!

My bite before surgery. -they drew lines on my face to ensure my central line is centred.

Profile before surgery.

13.30- i was finally called to go down! woooooooooooooooooooo!!!!
   Mum walked down with me to the theatre where i left her at the doors, she looked like she was gonna cry!! bless her!!! I was sat on a bed in a room just beside the operating theatre, which i could see through the window!!!! Scary stuff! An assistant bless her was stressing about getting me a blanket, but i don't think ill notice it when I'm knocked out haha! My surgeon came in and i laughed at his scrubs because I'm so used to seeing him in a suit lol! My wristbands and ankle bands were checked. A numbing solution was injected into my right hand before a cannula was inserted. I think i was more worried about that the the operation itslelf haha! Three round stickers were placed on me to monitor me during surgery. Just before being put to sleep, my surgeon asked, 'Is there anything you would like to say or ask before we put you to sleep' lol i said just don't bugger it up haha!!! I had them all cracking up! Then i felt woozy and was off!

  I woke up in recovery, and the first thing i noticed was the time! 18.40! I felt a needle go into my right hand which turned out to be my morphine :D NICE! I felt so hot and sweaty and the doctors were trying to cool me down and i had to have my gown changed twice. My surgeon spoke to me and said it went brilliantly wooo hooo thats all i needed to hear! My mouth kept filling with blood which had to be cleared as well as having nose bleeds.....i looked so attractive at this point haha, but the people in the recovery unit were all so lovely.
    I remember being moved into a lift to be settled up on a m5 ward, with my bay next to a window with a nice view :D I was so tired, in and out of sleep but i herd my mum walk in! First thing she said to me was 'You alright fat face' she is so sympathetic haha!! it made me giggle thought! She stayed for a little while and i could talk surprisingly enough!! She told me dad need some of his intestine removed either tonight or tomorrow!!! What is it with us lot! just cant get away from hospital lol! Bless my dad!!! I forced mum to go home because she has been here for 15 hours and is still recovering from her transplant!!!! love her!!!.
  Well that's the surgery over!! On with recovery!! :D woooo hooo!!!

Sunday, 12 June 2011

One Day to go!!!!!

Oh My God!!!!! Surgery TOMORROW! .......meh! lol. The weather is awful so i couldn't go for my last run for at least 6 weeks!! :( Stupid, pants UK weather! Dam it!
   I Thought as its my last day of eating solid food for ages........I'm going to eat EVERYTHING! haha! smarties cookies...NOM and had a carvery at the pub with my mum and her friends which was delicious!
   We went to the hospital to see dad as i wont be able to see him before the surgery tomorrow :( which sucks!
I best go to bed, i feel so full lol. Oh well it will make up for the weeks i cant really eat haha! 6am wake up call........cant wait for that! grrrrrr!

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Preparation for post surgery

  So me and my mum went shopping today to get supplies for me for the weeks after surgery. Things like straws, porridge, spaghetti, potatoes, yogurt and GALLONS of milkshake :D - plus side of surgery! I LOVE Frijj and Yazoo milkshake! I would like to try and keep my weight the same as I'm a keen runner and dramatic weight loss can make it harder to get back into running. From reading other peoples blogs who have had surgery lost quite a bit of weight, and I'm going do my best to keep the same weight.
   Popped to my friend, Louise's house for the last time before surgery ahhhhhh! Its so weird because it really doesn't seem like I'm about to have major surgery!

Thursday, 9 June 2011


   9th June 2011, I had a double appointment today. First of all i saw my orthodontist, to check all my brackets and wires were okay for surgery as well as fitting some lovely surgical hooks onto my wire which is needed during surgery- 5 on my upper teeth and 4 on my lower teeth. He then checked to see if the wafers fit on my teeth, which were plastic moulds of the bottom parts of my teeth, which would be used during surgery and left off after surgery. I think they are also called splints and some people have theirs left on......so glad i don't.
   My mum came with me for this part, but she had to go a see my dad, who is also in hospital at the moment, whilst i had my pre admission done.

    A long form to fill out, questions about the surgery, am i allergic to anything etc, etc,etc. Fun Stuff! He then went through the procedure........
         1. hospital gown and socks........sexy lol
         2. General anaesthetic in my hand and three stickers which attach me to monitors.
         3. Tube up through my nasal passage down into my lung, to ensure I'm breathing during surgery.
         4. A cut will be made along the top inside my mouth, releasing my upper jaw- advancement, raising at the back and rotation to the left which is then reattached with metal plates and screws.
         5. Two cuts made behind my back teeth to release lower jaw, bone removed, shorted and reshaped, jaw pulled back and then placed back together with metal screws and  plates.
 Sounds great.........lol scared me a little bit, but I've know I'm having this done for so long, i just would like it done now please :D

MRSA swabs done, weighed and blood pressure. All fine and dandy. Ahhhhh Monday.......4 days to go!

    Met back up with my mum to see my dad, until she had her appointment at the kidney clinic, as she only had a kidney transplant 2 months ago!!

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

What my Jaw surgery involves

  I had a number of consultations with my surgeon and went through the process of the surgery using a model of my jaw. It was really awesome lol!! I wanted to keep the model haha!
  So, I'm having both upper and lower jaw surgery. My upper jaw will be brought slightly forward, raised up at the back, and rotated 1-2mm to the left. My lower jaw will be moved back to finally align both jaws. Whoop Whoop!! So basically, he is going to break my face! I'm not really as worried as i thought i would be. I'm more excited than scared!
  I was first scheduled to have my surgery on the 12th April 2011, but was cancelled due to another patient needing emergency surgery. I was absolutely gutted, but this meant i could take my university exams before my next surgery date, 13th June 2011.
   24th November 2009 i had the joy of my braces being put on.......4 days before my 18th birthday! GREAT!!! All the food at my party i couldn't even eat because it was so ridiculously painful!! I had no idea my teeth would hurt so much, they ached constantly for about a week. All i kept thinking about was that this is the beginning of my journey for a perfect bite.
   They felt so odd and i talked a bit different. All i wanted to do was take them off because i found it so hard to close my lips with the braces on as well as having an open bite!

Here are a few pictures with the braces on.
2 days after having them put on.

2 days after having them put on.
1 year of braces--- can see the huge gap i have with my jaw closed.

1 year and a half after braces.
1 year and a half after braces.

So here goes

 In the summer of 2007, when i was 15 years old, my brother and i went to the orthodontist as our dentist believed both of us needed braces. My brother was told he needed them as soon as possible, whereas with me, i needed to go that one step further and need jaw surgery! I didn't have a clue what he was going on about, but it sounded terrifying! The issue with my teeth was that only one tooth met between the top and bottom set, and therefore needing corrective jaw surgery to close my open bite. I never really noticed before that i had a gap when my jaw was closed.
  My brother had his braces on for 2 years and his teeth look perfect! I cannot wait for mine to look like his!

Here are a few pictures of me before braces.