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Friday, 28 October 2011

Day 137- One week to go!!!

ahhhhh one week until these metal blocks get kicked off my teeth!!!

                          I CANT WAIT!!! its like waiting for christmas!!

    I'm even more excited, especially as I've seen Dani, whose blog I've been following religiously since i had my surgery, has finally had hers off, and she looks amazing!! ahhhhhh cant wait!

Monday, 24 October 2011

Day 133 - Nerves growing back??? Finished my 2nd half marathon! :D

Hey guys!! So Jaw update. I can feel some nerves growing back on the lower left and right side of my face and on my nose lol. Its so strange to touch as i can feel a weird sensation go through my face. I can also feel one in the roof of my mouth! Such a weird feeling.

When i close my teeth together, my two front teeth tough my lower bracket and because my teeth are slightly numb, i sometimes bite too hard! bad times! I'm still putting on my bands.....eventhough the back right one falls off as the teeth are now so close together! yay!!!

                                                          11 DAYS TO GO!!

   So yesterday i did my second half marathon :D in Birmingham :D wooooop! a little slower than my previous dam it! but this course was very hilly in comparison. 2 hours 22 mins. Such an awesome day.

Me and Tinks

Me my mum and Tinks

Andrew, Me, Jocelyn

Me and Misty

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Day 128 - My back teeth meet!

    After wearing my elastic bands for just over a month, my back teeth finally meet!! They meet so much the elastic bands come off when i close my jaw! YAY!

The area of slight pain/ache I've been having in the left side of my jaw has definitely calmed down. Panic over......no second surgery for me........touch wood! :D

                                         16 DAYS TO GO!!!!!!
   I cannot express how excited i am!! .......but i know its going to hurt taking them off.......fun times! I cant wait to actually brush my teeth without my tooth brush getting caught in my brackets haha!!! Such a pain in the backside!!!

Friday, 14 October 2011

Day 123 - Update

    So its been a week since i last posted! Where has the time gone!

Uni work has been pretty intense, so i haven't really had the time as well as getting FLU!!! Ahh I'm over it. Back out training today before Birmingham half marathon next Sunday!!!!! ahhhhh! So excited!

  My jaw seems to be fine, sometimes my lower left side is a bit tender, but it seems to be improving since i told my orthodontist about it. I've been avoiding all hard-ish and crunchy foods to prevent my brace from breaking or the wires slipping out of place, because i cant afford to go all the way home again just to get it fixed, and come back again!

                                 3 WEEKS TO GO UNTIL DE-BRACING!!!!

   I cannot describe how excited i am!!! I just hope everything is okay between now and then, to prevent them from coming off!!!! ahhhhh!

Friday, 7 October 2011

Day 116 - Orthodontist.....

   So last night, i had to travel back home from Coventry by train, just for my orthodontist appointment!!! So frustrating as trains are so ridiculously expensive.....even with a railcard!!!
Here goes..... the managed to slip the wire back in on my bottom right hand side fine, but i asked about the random pain/ache i tend to get in the left side of my lower jaw and that my central line is definitely not central.
I had to wait until my orthodontist was free to see me, so i told him about my concerns and he asked whether i get a funny taste in my mouth. Not that i know of, but i have to look out for it in the future, as it means i have an infection in my lower jaw!!!!! Dam it! Which may result in second surgery to remove the plates and screws........good times lol! He felt both sides of my lower jaw, but he said they seem fine, but just to keep an eye on it. With my central line its only slightly off, but it can be moved as its due to slight movement post surgery......dam it! lol Its not that bad. So after an hour, i left to go home and do a fair amount of uni work, before going back to uni again, late in the evening.

Fingers crossed there isn't any infection!!

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Day 114 - Orthodontist appointment booked........at home!!!!

    So i tried phoning all the orthodontists in the Coventry area, even the hospital, but not one of them would fix my problem as I'm not registered to them. I cant put up with the pain any more and i sorry worried that it could affect my de-bracing date!!! So i have an appointment on Friday back in Cambridge, so I've had to bloody pay for a train there on Thursday and train back late Friday, so i don't miss work on Saturday!!!

   As well as all this I've only just sorted my room out at uni......sort of, and have absolutely loads of uni work already!!!! as well as training for Birmingham half marathon in just over two weeks!!!!!!! To make things worse i found out today in one of my lectures, that there is a field trip on the 4th November!!!!! NOOOOOOO!!! but luckily i spoke to my lecturer, and he says its fine, but I'm gonna see if i could re-book a few days later. I don't wanna miss out!! but i really really want my braces off!!! GRRRR!!! Why does everything go to pot!

Ill keep you updated!!

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Day 110- Moved back at uni and brace issues!!!

    Since my last post, I've been running around like a mad woman, packing and working in preparation for going back to uni!!! Woooooooo!!! The last few days in Haverhill just went so so quick!!! I visited as much people as i could before i went. Bless them, some got quite emotional haha!!!
Moving day!!!!
   Oh My God, it was mental!!! We managed to load up the car fine, and i was so surprised everything fit easily!! SHOCKING! Saying goodbye to my dogs bless them, they looked so sad!! :(
   Mum and her friend Irene took me back, bless them and helped me dump all of my stuff into my room before we set off again to Irene's sisters near Leicester. Haha all my friends in the house had hangovers!!! LOOOL! Irene's sister made us a fantastic lunch bless her, she was so sweet.
   By time i got back, it was 7pm!!!!! Blimey time flies!! So mum and Irene left, whilst i had the joy of sorting out unpacking........NIGHTMARE!!!! Even still i haven't finished!!!

    That day i noticed whilst putting my far right elastic band on my brace, i felt something move or become loose.......my bloody wire has come out of my very end bracket!!!! Shit. I tried using tweezers to get it back in, but it weren't having it! I managed to do it before when my wire came out, but this wire seems to be thicker than before!!! Oh my god, where i was trying so much my teeth absolutely killed, even when i tried to eat. So Friday, i phoned up all the orthodontists even the hospitals in my area, and none of them would put the wire back in for me as I'm not registered as their patient!!!!!! Grrrrrrr!!! One even said to go back to Cambridge!! WHAT!@# I've just moved in here!!!! GRRRRRR!!! So i don't know what to do!!! Everything seems to be going wrong since I've been told I'm getting my braces off!!!!

    To take my mind off it, all us girls went out, dressed as builders!!!! hehe!! Such a great night but so ridiculously hot!!!! where an earth did this heatwave come from.........its October for gods sake!!! Shocking stuff!

   Back to work at Coventry Tesco, which was nice seeing everyone after 3 months!!!!! Quite a few people noticed the change in my jaw!!!  LOL and said it looks amazing! Thaanks guys!!! I still love hearing that and looking in the mirror at my teeth meeting........sad, i know haha!!!