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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Day 317 A visit to the clinic

    Today i visited the clinic, as i was lucky enough to get an appointment at such short notice. First of all, i saw a consultant which i saw in February who  already knew of my concern, about the pain in my upper right side of my jaw, but it has become more frequent.

   I had an x-ray taken to see if there is anything wrong inside, but the bone structure and wisdom teeth extractions have healed nicely. I saw my new orthodontist, due to my original ortho leaving who believed it is due to the plate on the right side. I was then able to see my surgeon who showed me my x-rays and felt the area where the plates are. He said there is no obvious sign of infection, but because it keeps causing me discomfort i can have it removed. My mum and him were trying to be funny saying i had a screw loose!! :O shocking haha! Always have a giggle at the hospital!

   So surgery number 2! Ahhhh! Well I've had the worst done, so this should be a walk in the park :)

Just got to wait for a surgery date......now on with exams revision!!!!!

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Day 316 Upper Jaw pain!

   So today i phoned up the clinic to see if i could get an appointment tomorrow because the upper jaw pain i had before seems to becoming more frequent. My right side of my upper jaw seems to ache and cause some pain when i smile or even touch that part of my face. It might just be nothing, but I'm hopefully going to keep some assurance from the orthodontist tomorrow. Fingers crossed!