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Monday, 6 August 2012

Day 419- Two weeks post plate removal :)

  So today marks two weeks since i had my upper, right jaw plate and screws removed! How time flies!

The swelling has completely disappeared but the stitches still haven't gone, and it really feels like i have a bit of food stuck there, but its just the stitches haha!

  So since the last post, i no longer have to take any pain killers whoop whoop! It feels so good not to have the ache in my jaw that i had prior to surgery! I'm also eating everything now haha!

   I took advantage of my time off and went cycling, running and a trip to the zoo where i went on a zip wire which was terrifying but AMAZING!!!

This was taken a few days ago, and my smile is still a bit lazy haha!
The tiniest bit of swelling there, but not visible anymore.

Zipwire! Terrifying, but ill do it again!

Out with a few of the girls, with a less swollen face this time round haha!

New hair!!! Loads Chopped off! 

This is really random, but i think its really cute. This is the ball pit we got our little dogs haha! They LOVE it!