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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Day 167- Pictures and General Update

    The numbness i noticed a few days back in the roof of my mouth i really notice now!! haha! My teeth even on that side are quite numb too!! As if i never noticed it before!

   I find myself having bad habits from before surgery such as breaking up my toast or my sandwich to eat it........who knows why because i don't need to anymore!! So strange lol. I keep asking myself what am i doing? haha!

Just a few updated pics :)

Monday, 28 November 2011

Day 166- 20th Birthday.......and BRACE FREEE!!! :D

   AHHHHH I'm no longer a teenager! I am a now officially a grown up!........debatable haha! I'm going to smile all night! (just like the pic LOL)

So so pleased they were taken off before my 20th!! :D

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Day 162- Two years Braces Anniversary!

    Ahhhhhh! Its been two years since i first had my braces put on! It seems so long ago! I'm so glad they are off for my 20th birthday :D yay! ahhhh 4 days! .........I want to be a teenager forever!!! Pants lol!

Numbness Update
    So i noticed a few weeks back when i brush my upper front teeth, that the right side of the roof of my mouth is numb! SHOCKING! That's why it feels so odd! As if it took me until today to realise. Also, if i rub the bottom left side of my chin, i feel a shooting sensation through a nerve??? Not entirely sure, but it tickles a bit haha!

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Day 158 - First Race without Braces!! :D

  Today i did the Coventry 10k race in the freezing cold and foggy weather. On the plus side, without my braces giving me grief! YAY!!!  56 minutes......not too bad :D

  I find myself forgetting to take my retainer out before i eat!! Its so annoying, i cook my dinner, sit down and think oh pants, and go take my 'teeth out' haha!

 Ive definitely got used to taking the joyful retainer out, but i broke my thumb nail so its a bit more difficult to take the lower one off!! Grrrrr! Good Times! 

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Day 155- Official photos and x-rays came today!!

   My hospital photos and x-rays came in the post today!!! ahhhh! They are so unattractive but I'm posting them anyway haha!

My bite was awful before!! I really had no idea how ridiculous it was! I LOVE my bite and straight teeth now :) I noticed on my x-rays my wisdom teeth were taken out too! SHOCKING!! 

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Day 154- Retainer is such a nightmare!!!!

     So its nearly been two weeks since i had my braces taken off. Woo hoo! Its gone so so fast! Its so weird because i sometime forget they are not there anymore! HaHa!

   I've been wearing my retainer ALL the time, except when i eat and brush my teeth! Im so determined to wear it as much as i can! The only issue is.......its a pain to take out! Im terrified im going to break it! Fingers crossed i wont. Everytime i brush my teeth......i then have to 'brush' my retainer.....two sets of teeth basically! As if brushing my teeth isn't a chore as it is! Its so weird getting used to brushing my teeth without out any of the bristles getting caught in my brace, its nice to properly clean my teeth :D

   I don't have any issues with numbness in my lips at all, i can feel some nerves that i think are growing back either side of my mouth, which feels so odd when washing my face! But it reminds me what i had done. Its been just over 5 months since surgery and its flown by. Its just shocking! The other day i watched an 18 year old have upper jaw surgery on embarrassing bodies, due to having a cleft lip and palate! Oh My God i saw everything! My friends thought i was mad watching it, but im just so interested, especially after it has happened to me. Im not sure i would recommend wathcing it before having surgery though.... definitely not for the faint hearted!

   My next orthodontist appointment is not until the 2nd February 2012, so got a while of wearing my lovely retainer 24/7.........joy haha! Its clear so it could be worse! haha!
Picture Update

Me and my beautiful dogs :D -Tinks is licking her nose! haha!

If anyone is considering surgery, or is waiting, feel free to ask me questions, ill do my best to help :D Good luck.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Day 148 - My Journey Through Upper and Lower Jaw Surgery

 So i thought i'd post the pictures from before braces, with braces, after surgery and with no braces to show my journey through orthognathic surgery.

I'm so happy and proud of how my teeth look! The result is just shocking! Honestly would recommend it to anyone considering surgery! My surgeon and orthodontist did a fantastic job! Could not thank them enough!