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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Visit to the Clinic

Had a visit to the clinic today to get a new upper retainer because my original one has holes in......whoops! The stuff used to make the mould i will never miss! Yuck! Whilst waiting for the retainer to be made i made the most of the sunshine and enjoyed a cuppa in the sun!

    When i went back to pick up the retainer i had to wait a will before i could see my surgeon about the plate being a pain! Turns out i also need the lower right plate taken out, meaning all the metal work in the right side of my jaws will be gone! Just have to wait for a surgery date.

  Whilst i was there a young girl and here mum was also at the clinic, and turns out she needs the same surgery. I was more than happy to talk to them, bless them and reassure them that it is well worth it! Good luck lovely!!! It will be over in a flash!

Picture update :-)

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

2 Years Post Double Jaw surgery!!!

So its been ages since i last posted, been so caught up completing my university degree, running races.....new PB for half marathon ...bang on 2 hours!!! whoop! and working full time.
               Its been two years since double jaw surgery!!!! Shocking. The time has flown by!

   So since i last posted, i still get some slight pain in my lower right jaw after running and when its really cold.   Doesn't really help that i work in the chilled department at work ha!
  People who i used to go to school with tell me that i look different, but don't know why....then i explain and they seem so shocked! haha!

I had a check up and the clinic today and expressed the pain issues i still have since the previous visit. My surgeon was not available, however my orthodontist suggested i come back to see him as well as get new retainers, as they have holes in! Also, i've been asked to be a case study! Geek! Why not? Already visited postgrad students in training before, might aswell. The department has helped me a great deal so it my chance to help. So i had more photography done and answered a few questions :)

Here are a few pics over the recent months :)

Smile :D

Strike a pose!

'We own the night' Race in London. 

Random, but i poured my heart a soul into this. Enjoy the title HAHA!

BEST picture taken at hospital medical photography haha!

Will keep you posted on my next visit to the clinic on the 9th July :)