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Monday, 28 May 2012

Day 349 Exams, Running and waiting for plate removal

   So I'm still waiting for a date to have my top, right plate and screws removed but I'm so glad it wasn't during my second year university exams. It hasn't been aching as much as before, but maybe that's because I've been studying too hard haha!

   I'm SO glad that exams are over and i can finally relax a bit for the summer :) It was awful having one exam on the 15th but then three exams last week!!! So stressful and annoying as the weather has been gorgeous.

   As well as revising for exams, i was training for a half marathon for kidney cancer in my local area, which took place yesterday. 9am and it was so HOT!!! By 10am it was 25C!!!! I don't no how i managed to run in that heat, especially with some killer hills at the end of the course in 2 hours and 21 minutes. Not my fastest but still an achievement.

With my finishers certificate :)

Posing before we set off haha!
Such a well organised event, and loved running in the countryside :D