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Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Check up :)

    Today i had an appointment to see my surgeon for a check up to see if everything is okay as its been 18 months since surgery!! Shocking how time just disappears.

  Well since my last post, my lower retainer cracked in November so i had to joy of having molds done for another one, and now the upper retainer has a chunk missing.....looks as though i've been grinding my teeth in my sleep.....or i just got hungry ha! Luckily i did not have to have another made as i was reassured it will be fine until my next appointment, thank goodness. Last time i had a new one made, i put the retainer in, it was so tight, felt like i was there for hours trying to get it off my teeth whilst pulling some bizarre faces.

   I still get a dull ache in my lower right jaw after running long distances, but i have no sign of infection which is good to know. Just hope its down to the cold weather haha.

  All in all was fine, and i have no areas of numbness at all! I only have one more appointment in June 2013 then i will be FREE!!! Whoop Whoop!

I love my teeth :D

Getting all festive, i had to have a picture with THE snowman from the John Lewis advert! Merry Christmas everyone :)