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Friday, 26 August 2011

Day 74 Busy Busy Busy!!!

    Since the last visit to the orthodontist, everything seems to be fine!!.....I haven't touched anything crunchy like crisps!!!! I'm too worried to lol!!! I'm still having a slight bit of pain in the top right hand side of my mouth, but its defiantly down to the ulcers! Bongela works a treat........not a good idea to drink tea after putting it on!! Yuck!

  Oh My God I've been working ridiculous hours!!! 5.30am-9.30am and then back again in the evening 5-7! Absolutely dead! LOL To celebrate no more early shifts and to see my friends soph and jo bless them at our usual place for dinner!!! The Harvester! :D NOM NOM! I'm really taking advantage of being able to eat pretty much anything......and showed off a little bit by eating a chicken burger :D haha with no knife or fork :D :P

  My teeth still feel numb??? Not sure if that's to do with the braces or the surgery?! lol I'm pretty sure when i look in the mirror sometimes, that my central line is not very central........its so weird, sometimes it does, sometime it don't......hmmmm! I think my ulcers are getting worse?? might be because I'm stressing about work and helping the family......but i cant help it, i love being busy!!! My face is still extremely greasy!!! and spotty!!! Ive got bigger spots, more like lumps on my forehead!! than I've ever had......to do with the fact my face swelled up???? I don't know, maybe.

Monday, 15 August 2011

Day 63 - 9 Weeks Post Surgery!

   So today is officially 9 weeks since surgery!! Its gone so shockingly fast!! And i end up spending most of the day......up the hospital! Fun stuff!
   Mum had her clinic today as well as dad, so i popped along to my clinic to see if they could squeeze me in to slot the wire back into place! The tooth has twisted so much already and its not even been 24 hours!!!! Ahhhhhh! Luckily enough a step in orthodontist sorted it out for me, as my usual orthodontist is on holiday! I feel so much better now that's sorted! We ended up being there from 11-4!!! We had to rush back to get me to work for two cleaning jobs!!! Oh did that tooth ache! Pain killers equal good times!!! Definitely not eating crisps for a while........

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Day 61- Shouldn't of eaten that.......

  Saturday i was out for my friend Bonnie's 19th bless her with loads of people from school!! A few of them had to have a good stare at my face and said somethings different haha!!! bless them! Such a fab night, but I'm sick of getting ulcers from singing to songs!!!

I can see that my smile doesn't look natural to me, and it doesn't feel it yet, sounds odd but I'm still not used to the new adjustment to my jaw!

   Sunday i finally got a day to rest from working my backside off cleaning and Tesco, me, mum and Brandan went to mum's work friends BBQ :D
Ahhhh it was so good because i could bite chicken off skewers, and bite into a burger rather than be the odd bod who uses a knife and fork for finger food!!! HaHa!!! The only issue i have now.......is that now i can bite into food......its an absolute nightmare to get the food out of my braces!!!!! Just cant win haha!!!

    So i was being adventurous with eating food, and i tried to munch on some crisps........BIG mistake!!! I've managed to release the wire out of one of my brackets in the lower, right side of my teeth!!! and its already begun to twist out of alignment!!!! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Why did i eat the crisps.....i wasn't even hungry!!! Just being a plum! Looks like a trip to the clinic tomorrow.....luckily enough mum and dad have hospital so i can get a lift :D whoooop!!! Exciting times....... Fingers crossed i get a time slot in tomorrow!

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Day 58 A little bit worried!!! and New Puppy!!!!!

   So whilst at work cleaning today, everytime i bend down to pick something up, a huge amount of pressure builds in the right side of my face, the same area where i think a nerve has become trapped or its just the ulcers that have built up! I'm hoping its just the ulcers, i think it is because there is a tiny bit of wire sticking out of the end on my top set, and where I've begun chewing food, it rubbing really bad on the inside of my mouth!!! Grrrrrrr! A trip to the clinic i think soon. Its the only reason i still take painkillers now and again, otherwise i wouldn't need them.
   So me, mum and dad have been saying for ages we will get another dog, as Tinks has got us through this terrible year and we love her so so much. Me and mum already talked about names, she has to be named after a fairy just like Tinkerbell!! hehe! and decided the name Silvermist- Misty for short. I saw an add in the paper, but they only had boys and were a dark colour. So, mum phoned the lady we got Tinks from, and Oh My God she had a litter ready, which are allowed to take home just today!!! She even said she had a tiny one of the pack and who is going to be a light colouring!!!! Ahhhhh its so meant to be! Straight after work me and mum went to see them, with Tinks and we fell in love with her! Tinks bless her didn't know what was gong on, with all these schnauzers everywhere!! The lady said Tinks looked like the posh dog hehe!!! Bless her!! So we bought little misty home and she is so so cute!!!!!! Ahhhhh now i have two baby's! :D
Sleeping :)

In her bed for the time being, she is so cute!

Me holding her!! She is so tiny!!

Me and my two beautiful dogs!! Tinks in the left and little misty on the right!

Misty!! :D

Monday, 8 August 2011

Day 55 Goooing out :D

    So my friend who took a gap year in Australia came back today!!! After 8 months of not seeing her!!!!! She noticed my face straight away!!!! LOL She couldn't get over the change especially the pictures of my bite before and after!!! It always shocks me when people notice something different with my face, because i keep forgetting I've had surgery!, I'm like oh, yeah, my surgeon broke my face.....as you do haha!!!
   A load of us girlies went to Cambridge to celebrate my friend Charlotte finally turning 18!!!!! wooooooooooo!!!   Such a great night!!!

Jaw Update
    So after singing to all the songs whilst out......i got the joy of ulcers and jaw ache!! great! haha! i can open my mouth much wider now, so its not so difficult brushing my teeth, spitting out mouthwash and yawning!!! Omg it felt so so strange not being able to fully yawn!!!! I appreciate it so much more now haha!!!!

Friday, 5 August 2011

Day 52 Finally got work at Tesco and Newmarket Races AGAIN!!!! :D HeHe

    Since the last post, I've finally got back into running, only 4 miles at the moment......sucks in comparison to what i used to, but ill get there.....eventually! Hehe!
    My Brothers turned 17 on the second!! Bless them!! They getting so grown up....HA!

   I've finally got some hours at Tesco!! Whoop whoop!!! I love working on a checkout lol, sounds stupid, but i just generally miss talking to random people!! haha well, from my little hometown :) haha! Off to the races AGAIN :D! BOYZONE!!!!!! WHOOOOPPP!!
   I had more time to get ready this week, and i can finally eat chips!!!! I have photographic evidence!!!!! LOL
From all the food i can finally eat, well most food lol i can see a lil chubby face hehe!

  Ahhh!! i wont £3.50 on the races! I felt so proud haha!! Paid for my munchies :D Boyzone were amazing!!! Bonnie, no word of a lie knew every single word to every song!!!! True fan haha!
  Ohhhh and a spontaneous trip to De Niros, i don't see why not :D Such a great night!!! And it was great to eat food without consciously thinking how i would go about eating it, by breaking it up!! It feels so great! cannot wait to eat anything i want!! :D