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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Day 317 A visit to the clinic

    Today i visited the clinic, as i was lucky enough to get an appointment at such short notice. First of all, i saw a consultant which i saw in February who  already knew of my concern, about the pain in my upper right side of my jaw, but it has become more frequent.

   I had an x-ray taken to see if there is anything wrong inside, but the bone structure and wisdom teeth extractions have healed nicely. I saw my new orthodontist, due to my original ortho leaving who believed it is due to the plate on the right side. I was then able to see my surgeon who showed me my x-rays and felt the area where the plates are. He said there is no obvious sign of infection, but because it keeps causing me discomfort i can have it removed. My mum and him were trying to be funny saying i had a screw loose!! :O shocking haha! Always have a giggle at the hospital!

   So surgery number 2! Ahhhh! Well I've had the worst done, so this should be a walk in the park :)

Just got to wait for a surgery date......now on with exams revision!!!!!


emilybee said...

Hi! I had double jaw surgery August 2011. Just this past week I felt pain in my jaws. I really do not like feeling pain after thinking everything was all done and healed a while ago...but then I remembered hearing my surgeon say sometimes the screws and plates and bolts have to be removed. Ugh. Well you make it look easy so if that has to happen than it'll be fine. Great blog! I want to try running too. Thanks for the motivation! :)

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