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Sunday, 31 July 2011

Day 47 Mum comes Home! :D

 Thank God!! Me and Mandy went to pick mum up :D Yaaaaay!!!! Bless her! As soon as she got home we had a NOM roast dinner, which i could just about eat, - steamed carrots, soft potatoes and a tiny amount of chicken, even that took a while to attempt to chew, but its definitely getting there!!! Ahhhh its so odd that i can bite into carrots haha!!!
   I still have some pain in the right side of my mouth!! If it persists i think i might pop by the clinic when mum has her next appointment!! Ahhhh please don't be bad lol!!
  I decided to enter Birmingham Half Marathon for this October!!!! ahhhhh, at least i can aim for something to kick me back into training!! :D Can not wait!!!! Wooo hooo!!! Hopefully i can run for kidney research!! especially as someone else close to me has the same  disease as my mum!! Bless her!!


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