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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Day 43 Working hard and Cinema with the Mother :D

So i started back at work this week cleaning in the morning and in the evening.......hard work!!! Its so weird because i was pretty fit from running before surgery, but cleaning has taken it out of me!!!  But its getting better everyday!
   I'm having a slight issue with my jaw, i think its a nerve trapped because when i put pressure on the right side of my face, i can feel it shoot through my face.....sounds gross lol, and I've got a million ulcers in the right side of my mouth, it might be because I'm slowly beginning to chew soft foods and all of the metal is scraping the inside of my mouth!!! Grrrrr!
   I'm taking paracetamol once a day now, or basically whenever it aches a little bit. I thinks its now more to do with he work i had done last Friday than the surgery itself.
   On the way to my evening job, a friend from school saw me and noticed i look different straight away!! :O So i must look different!!! Shocking stuff!
   So as a treat, me and mum went to the cinema to munch out on munchies and malteasers......well i had to suck them still haha!!!! So not the same!!! We watched horrible bosses!!!! Bloody hilarious film!!!! I was cracking up.......my jaw ached a little bit afterwards haha!! but it was so worth it! Had a nice chilled night with mum before she has her final operation tomorrow for he hernia! Please no more ops after this, thanks very much! Love you mum xxx


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