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Sunday, 10 July 2011

Day 27 Moving Day!

   So I've spent all week sorting out my rubbish, stuff I'm taking back home and stuff I'm moving into the new house. Its been an actual nightmare!!!! I hate tidying my room at home but this was so much worse due to all of the revision notes, posters, random bits of paper!!! Absolutely shocking!
   AHHHHH!!! I was so so happy when sammi turned up!!! Felt like i haven't seen her in forever!! Poor Jocelyn could make it!! I hate your car joss!!! lol!
  First port of call, drink and loooooonnnggg catch up! LOL! She noticed the change in my face! ahhhh! and told her all the gory details haha!!
  Bless her and her dad, they helped me move my stuff too as my parents are no where near fit enough to even drive, let alone lift things.
  So after shifting everything except kitchen stuff, it turns out they are staying at the travelodge........and I'm invited whooop whooopp!!! Ahhhhh! So a few cheeky drinks in the bar, which her dad wouldn't let me buy!!!! bless him and a hilarious evening! VICTOR!!!! haha she will get it!!! I don't want her to leave me tomorrow!!!!! :(  Well, early start tomorrow, moving the kitchen junk ....yay for us lol.



I m n 3 weeks post lower jaw surgery , i still feel my chin is swollen and my cheeks too and looking puffier and i m so much conscious of it , how long does swelling last , since i had my surgery on lower jaw , many ppl says , recovery ll be soon ...is that true ?? btw how did u felt , i mean swelling after 3 weeks of ur surgery ???

Whitney said...

Hi Ganesh
id say the first week to two weeks were the most uncomfortable but your already past that. After three weeks, the swelling comes down much slower, but you dont really notice it. At three weeks, i was a little bit puffy, but not so bad as the first week haha!!! Good luck with the rest of your recovery.

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