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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Day 44 Mum's Op and Jaw Pain!!!!

   I still have the feeling of a trapped nerve!!!! Go away!!!!! Although the more i think about it, i really think it is the ulcers that are causing the pain, and the nerve is just growing back........or i hope so!! :S I might pop by my clinic when i see mum, I'm up there enough haha!!
  So after a shockingly long day working my backside off, i hopped on the bus to go and see mum after her operation!! I felt so so bad that i couldn't go with her this morning because of work! It sucks! Thankfully Mel took her and stayed with her nearly all day :D bless her! I got her a GIANT mug of tea :D hehe! But she nearly spilt it all over herself as she was so dopey!! Bless her heart!!! Love yoou mum!!! She just want the m25 on her tummy!! HaHa!


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