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Sunday, 3 July 2011

Day 20 Back to Coventry!

  I'm so gutted I'm going back so soon, i feel awful leaving my mum and dad after all the pants stuff going on bless them!!!
  After finding out the tube i need to go on is not running and missing my last rain and paying stupid money to get back to Coventry, i really cant be bothered to start packing today.
  Two friends from the halls i live in came to meet me at the train station, and were quite shocked! I'm still not convinced i look any different lol! Bless them! Feels so odd to be back for the last few days of living there!! ahhhhh! Its even more weird that I'm the only girl on my floor! spoooookky!!! I can not wait for sammi and jocelyn to get their backsides here to move stuff out, i cannot wait to see them!


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