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Friday, 22 July 2011

Day 39 Orthodontist :D

   So today is orthodontist day!!! Woo hoo!!! It was loooooonng!!!! lol I had a long band added to my top set to close some gaps i have. Four brackets removed and replaced on my bottom front teeth.....Oh My God did that hurt like hell!!!! Mum was quite happy watching....... lol. I still don't need elastics!!!! I also asked about my bottom set being straightened a bit more, as a few of them were still rather out of place :D but he was going to do that anyway! haha! I'm so so happy!! I was then sent to photography! haha because last time it was a bit of a fail, due to not being able to open my mouth very much! Definitely more difficult to get done when i have my mum making me laugh whilst i have plastic in my mouth........thanks very much....i really appreciate it!
Just before surgery, but you can see the slightly crooked teeth in the lower set.
Picture update- With my gorgeous dog! :) in my pjs! 

As you can tell, my face has gone down huge amounts, no more double chin!! :D and cabbage patch cheeks!! :D 

  Ahhhh back to work cleaning soon!! Can not wait! Hopefully back at Tesco soon too! Ive missed being able to work........how sad is that! haha!! Seriously need the money for uni this year!!! Shocking stuff!


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