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Friday, 1 July 2011

Day 18 AMAZING DAY!!!! :D :D :D

   Yay, Yay, Yay!!! Such an amazing day!!! Finally something bloody good to happen hehe!!!! Wooooooooooooooooooo!!!!

   My second mum, bless her! Took me to my appointment at the hospital to see my orthodontist, because mum has a meeting at work to sort out when she is fit to go back to work......lazy minx been of 6 months! hehe!

  So, the good times started!! My orthodontist took one look and made me bite together and said...'Oh dear' WHAT!! I panicked wtf!! lol but he was just messing! I nearly died lol. He says it looks fantastic and took off the surgical hooks and put in an elastic band through my top set of teeth to close a tiny gap i have between my two front teeth......to stop me from moaning :D He also said the brace could be coming off soon!!!! WHAT!!!! I thought they had to be on a year after surgery!!! Apparently not! It only takes six weeks to heel! :D Whoop Whoop!! He said i could keep them if i would like.........naaahhhhhh!! I'm good thanks lol!.
  I went for x-rays, which was so so weird!! I have to bit on a metal thing and before i could even tough it with my teeth but now i can.....but my teeth are numb and i was petrified of biting too hard and breaking my teeth!!!! Just cant win with me haha!!!

Here is the fun part.........my orthodontist asked me if i wouldn't mind going into a student talk who are studying the methods of jaw surgery, to ask me questions as a prime case study!!! Freaked out a little bit, but i went for it!! Ahhhhhhh!
  I first saw my surgeon who i introduced to my second mum :D and he seemed so glad i came to do this. After what they have done for me, its the least i could do to say a massive thank you!!! I went into the room, and there were about 8 students and i was sat in the  'hot seat'! Ahhhhhhh! Shoot me now haha....nah it wasn't so scary! At least my face wasn't so fat! haha! So i talked about the process of getting braces, being told i need surgery, what type of surgery i would need etc. The student asked would i do it again....god yes!!! Its fab!!! Its so amazing what they have done! When i look back at old pictures, i didn't think my teeth was that bad, let alone need surgery!!! I can see a HUGE difference in my teeth! They also asked about how i found out about the surgery, like reading blogs, info leaflets and youtube. Bless them, they were all so lovely! My surgeon and orthodontist were so thankful for me going in to talk bless them, id do it again!! Its quite fun......haha I'm such a sado! Sometimes i forget I've had it done because so much other stuff is going on lol!

The good times doesn't end there.....

University Results!!!! Ahhhhhhhh!!! I passed every single module and got some Firsts in a few modules!!! Whoop Whoop!!! One step closer to becoming a weather forecaster!!! Bring it on!!! I'm so so happy, I'm actually bouncing off the walls! I cant stop smiling!! Never mind if it causes my jaw to ache....i don't care I'm so flipping ecstatic right now!!!!! I couldn't wait to tell dad!!
   Dad was so thrilled!! Both my parents said they don't know how i did it considering they were both in and out of hospital at the time of me taking my exams!!! I don't even know how i did it!!!! :D


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