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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Day 28 Officially moved out!

  So sammi and i had to get up EARLY!! :( to get cracking with moving all of the kitchen stuff!! What a nightmare!!! We defiantly have way too much kitchen stuff between five girls next year!!! Oh well, can never be short of anything......especially kettles haha!!!
   Last was the first night i slept not propped upright, and it felt really strange! I woke up on my side and i had such an achey feeling i couldn't get to the painkillers quicker if i tried! Lol, but it soon calmed down. Its been 4 weeks today since surgery!!!!! Where has the time gone!!! After all of the waiting and anticipation, its gone so so fast!!
  Okay so i haven't really posted any pictures for a long while, here are two of my new face shape.
As you can tell my face is no longer swollen as much, but I'm really really spotty!! :( My face also looks more natural when i have my mouth closed in comparison to before the operation. 

This Picture even in black and white shows all my lovely spots grrrrrr and also how shiny and greasy my face has become!!!
  My face has become so unbelievably spotty and very very greasy!!! Its gross!! I read on other peoples blogs that the same thing happened to them, so I'm not too worried. I'm not that surprised really as all my pores opened when my face was humongous! Its just so annoying and disgusting!!! Hurry up and clear up lol.
  Sammi left today! :( So sad!!! Just got the scrubbing down of my room to go and I'm ready to clear off back home :D Can not wait to see how my mum and dad are getting on, i phone them like 4 times a day!!!! haha! Bless them!

Diet update
   So I'm still on very soft foods, but I've now started to eat rice, pasta, shreddies with hot milk lol Oh and milkybar buttons :D Still loving the milkshake!!! :D NOM NOM! I used to love tea before surgery, but because I'm still drinking everything through a straw, tea is just not the same!!! I think since surgery I've had 5 cups!!! I usually have that in a day!!!! Cant wait to be able to drink from a cup properly, hopefully when i gain the feeling in the rest of my lips and cheeks :D


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