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Friday, 29 July 2011

Day 46 Newmarket Races!!!! :D

   I really couldn't wait to see Sophie and Bonnie as they haven't seen my face, and they thought it looked awesome :D Its defo not that different though, its just the shocking difference of my bite :D
  My mum bless her is still in hospital, but didn't want me to go to see her tonight because she knew i was meant to be going to the races! I kept phoning her lol!
  I wore my new dress :D but i felt eugh, because i rushed straight from my cleaning job to get changed and go. I knew i looked tired! Oh My God the Wanted were AMAZING!!! After the races, and sophie winning a stupid amount of money whilst me and bonnie won zilch!!!!! We danced until they left the stage!!! Straight after we went into newmarket to the pub for a few drinkies :D Felt so good to just chill out!!
I still don't look very natural when i smile, This pic defo shows it!

HaHa good ol' pimm's

Spotty face!! Grrrr! With my fringe covering the worst ever!!!!

Numbness update
    I can feel pretty much everywhere, except i still have a tingly feeling in my lower lip, its so weird!!! LOL! I still have a terrible greasy and spotty face!! :( Not even make up can sort it out!!! Fml!


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