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Saturday, 2 July 2011

Day 19 Dad Is Home!!!!

  Yes, dad is home!!! So so happy!!! I'm so glad he is home now because it gives my poor mum a rest from going up and down the hospital everyday.....especially as I'm going back to Coventry on Sunday, to start packing and moving my stuff into the house I'm living in for my second year at uni. Just wish dad was home earlier!
   OMG all of my stitches have now fallen out! It was so eurgh, they would fall off and i'd feel something floating around in my mouth........a stitch....NICE!!!! Lol! At least i don't have to worry about them so much now when I'm brushing my teeth!!! This sounds so stupid, but i love brushing my 'new' teeth!! I'm still not used to where they are positioned, i still end up trying to brush my lower set of teeth further down than i need to haha, because that's where I'm so used to them being!!! I cant stop smiling, especially when i pass a mirror, i love how my teeth now meet!!! Dad cant get over the change, but i don't think i look that different.
  Ahhhh best get cracking with packing stuff to take back to Coventry...........i hate packing!.


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