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Monday, 18 July 2011

Day 34 Back Home! :D

   Yay!! Mum and her best friend from school Mandy came to help pack up all of my things in the car and they bought Tinks!!!! My gorgeous dog! I love her so much bless her!! Oh My God i had so much stuff!!!! Shocking, even after shifting most of it to the house for next year!!!
  We chilled out and had a few cups of tea, and made sure id packed everything as well as hand in my keys!!! It was so sad!!! One year of uni has already gone!!!
Bye bye room!! :(

  First port of call on the way home was to get food! .......well, mum and Mandy to get food from maccy Ds.....i didn't complain because i had a large milkshake and a McFlurry :D Good times! :D hehe!
  So glad to be home! Orthodontist on the 22nd, i get so excited everytime i go just to see how everything is :D I chilled out all evening, my jaw ached quite a bit.....probably from to much talking haha!! Oh My God, i can feel some of the nerves healing, my face is so tingly and itchy!!!!! Its so annoying that scratching it doesn't do anything!! Its driving me up the wall!!!!
   I still take painkillers, but only paracetemol now whoop whoop!!!! Annnnddd..... i can now drink from a cup without a straw!!!!! Goood times!! Tea will taste so much better :D hehe.


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