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Sunday, 31 July 2011

Day 47 Mum comes Home! :D

 Thank God!! Me and Mandy went to pick mum up :D Yaaaaay!!!! Bless her! As soon as she got home we had a NOM roast dinner, which i could just about eat, - steamed carrots, soft potatoes and a tiny amount of chicken, even that took a while to attempt to chew, but its definitely getting there!!! Ahhhh its so odd that i can bite into carrots haha!!!
   I still have some pain in the right side of my mouth!! If it persists i think i might pop by the clinic when mum has her next appointment!! Ahhhh please don't be bad lol!!
  I decided to enter Birmingham Half Marathon for this October!!!! ahhhhh, at least i can aim for something to kick me back into training!! :D Can not wait!!!! Wooo hooo!!! Hopefully i can run for kidney research!! especially as someone else close to me has the same  disease as my mum!! Bless her!!

Friday, 29 July 2011

Day 46 Newmarket Races!!!! :D

   I really couldn't wait to see Sophie and Bonnie as they haven't seen my face, and they thought it looked awesome :D Its defo not that different though, its just the shocking difference of my bite :D
  My mum bless her is still in hospital, but didn't want me to go to see her tonight because she knew i was meant to be going to the races! I kept phoning her lol!
  I wore my new dress :D but i felt eugh, because i rushed straight from my cleaning job to get changed and go. I knew i looked tired! Oh My God the Wanted were AMAZING!!! After the races, and sophie winning a stupid amount of money whilst me and bonnie won zilch!!!!! We danced until they left the stage!!! Straight after we went into newmarket to the pub for a few drinkies :D Felt so good to just chill out!!
I still don't look very natural when i smile, This pic defo shows it!

HaHa good ol' pimm's

Spotty face!! Grrrr! With my fringe covering the worst ever!!!!

Numbness update
    I can feel pretty much everywhere, except i still have a tingly feeling in my lower lip, its so weird!!! LOL! I still have a terrible greasy and spotty face!! :( Not even make up can sort it out!!! Fml!

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Day 44 Mum's Op and Jaw Pain!!!!

   I still have the feeling of a trapped nerve!!!! Go away!!!!! Although the more i think about it, i really think it is the ulcers that are causing the pain, and the nerve is just growing back........or i hope so!! :S I might pop by my clinic when i see mum, I'm up there enough haha!!
  So after a shockingly long day working my backside off, i hopped on the bus to go and see mum after her operation!! I felt so so bad that i couldn't go with her this morning because of work! It sucks! Thankfully Mel took her and stayed with her nearly all day :D bless her! I got her a GIANT mug of tea :D hehe! But she nearly spilt it all over herself as she was so dopey!! Bless her heart!!! Love yoou mum!!! She just want the m25 on her tummy!! HaHa!

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Day 43 Working hard and Cinema with the Mother :D

So i started back at work this week cleaning in the morning and in the evening.......hard work!!! Its so weird because i was pretty fit from running before surgery, but cleaning has taken it out of me!!!  But its getting better everyday!
   I'm having a slight issue with my jaw, i think its a nerve trapped because when i put pressure on the right side of my face, i can feel it shoot through my face.....sounds gross lol, and I've got a million ulcers in the right side of my mouth, it might be because I'm slowly beginning to chew soft foods and all of the metal is scraping the inside of my mouth!!! Grrrrr!
   I'm taking paracetamol once a day now, or basically whenever it aches a little bit. I thinks its now more to do with he work i had done last Friday than the surgery itself.
   On the way to my evening job, a friend from school saw me and noticed i look different straight away!! :O So i must look different!!! Shocking stuff!
   So as a treat, me and mum went to the cinema to munch out on munchies and malteasers......well i had to suck them still haha!!!! So not the same!!! We watched horrible bosses!!!! Bloody hilarious film!!!! I was cracking up.......my jaw ached a little bit afterwards haha!! but it was so worth it! Had a nice chilled night with mum before she has her final operation tomorrow for he hernia! Please no more ops after this, thanks very much! Love you mum xxx

Friday, 22 July 2011

Day 39 Orthodontist :D

   So today is orthodontist day!!! Woo hoo!!! It was loooooonng!!!! lol I had a long band added to my top set to close some gaps i have. Four brackets removed and replaced on my bottom front teeth.....Oh My God did that hurt like hell!!!! Mum was quite happy watching....... lol. I still don't need elastics!!!! I also asked about my bottom set being straightened a bit more, as a few of them were still rather out of place :D but he was going to do that anyway! haha! I'm so so happy!! I was then sent to photography! haha because last time it was a bit of a fail, due to not being able to open my mouth very much! Definitely more difficult to get done when i have my mum making me laugh whilst i have plastic in my mouth........thanks very much....i really appreciate it!
Just before surgery, but you can see the slightly crooked teeth in the lower set.
Picture update- With my gorgeous dog! :) in my pjs! 

As you can tell, my face has gone down huge amounts, no more double chin!! :D and cabbage patch cheeks!! :D 

  Ahhhh back to work cleaning soon!! Can not wait! Hopefully back at Tesco soon too! Ive missed being able to work........how sad is that! haha!! Seriously need the money for uni this year!!! Shocking stuff!

Monday, 18 July 2011

Day 34 Back Home! :D

   Yay!! Mum and her best friend from school Mandy came to help pack up all of my things in the car and they bought Tinks!!!! My gorgeous dog! I love her so much bless her!! Oh My God i had so much stuff!!!! Shocking, even after shifting most of it to the house for next year!!!
  We chilled out and had a few cups of tea, and made sure id packed everything as well as hand in my keys!!! It was so sad!!! One year of uni has already gone!!!
Bye bye room!! :(

  First port of call on the way home was to get food! .......well, mum and Mandy to get food from maccy Ds.....i didn't complain because i had a large milkshake and a McFlurry :D Good times! :D hehe!
  So glad to be home! Orthodontist on the 22nd, i get so excited everytime i go just to see how everything is :D I chilled out all evening, my jaw ached quite a bit.....probably from to much talking haha!! Oh My God, i can feel some of the nerves healing, my face is so tingly and itchy!!!!! Its so annoying that scratching it doesn't do anything!! Its driving me up the wall!!!!
   I still take painkillers, but only paracetemol now whoop whoop!!!! Annnnddd..... i can now drink from a cup without a straw!!!!! Goood times!! Tea will taste so much better :D hehe.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Day 28 Officially moved out!

  So sammi and i had to get up EARLY!! :( to get cracking with moving all of the kitchen stuff!! What a nightmare!!! We defiantly have way too much kitchen stuff between five girls next year!!! Oh well, can never be short of anything......especially kettles haha!!!
   Last was the first night i slept not propped upright, and it felt really strange! I woke up on my side and i had such an achey feeling i couldn't get to the painkillers quicker if i tried! Lol, but it soon calmed down. Its been 4 weeks today since surgery!!!!! Where has the time gone!!! After all of the waiting and anticipation, its gone so so fast!!
  Okay so i haven't really posted any pictures for a long while, here are two of my new face shape.
As you can tell my face is no longer swollen as much, but I'm really really spotty!! :( My face also looks more natural when i have my mouth closed in comparison to before the operation. 

This Picture even in black and white shows all my lovely spots grrrrrr and also how shiny and greasy my face has become!!!
  My face has become so unbelievably spotty and very very greasy!!! Its gross!! I read on other peoples blogs that the same thing happened to them, so I'm not too worried. I'm not that surprised really as all my pores opened when my face was humongous! Its just so annoying and disgusting!!! Hurry up and clear up lol.
  Sammi left today! :( So sad!!! Just got the scrubbing down of my room to go and I'm ready to clear off back home :D Can not wait to see how my mum and dad are getting on, i phone them like 4 times a day!!!! haha! Bless them!

Diet update
   So I'm still on very soft foods, but I've now started to eat rice, pasta, shreddies with hot milk lol Oh and milkybar buttons :D Still loving the milkshake!!! :D NOM NOM! I used to love tea before surgery, but because I'm still drinking everything through a straw, tea is just not the same!!! I think since surgery I've had 5 cups!!! I usually have that in a day!!!! Cant wait to be able to drink from a cup properly, hopefully when i gain the feeling in the rest of my lips and cheeks :D

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Day 27 Moving Day!

   So I've spent all week sorting out my rubbish, stuff I'm taking back home and stuff I'm moving into the new house. Its been an actual nightmare!!!! I hate tidying my room at home but this was so much worse due to all of the revision notes, posters, random bits of paper!!! Absolutely shocking!
   AHHHHH!!! I was so so happy when sammi turned up!!! Felt like i haven't seen her in forever!! Poor Jocelyn could make it!! I hate your car joss!!! lol!
  First port of call, drink and loooooonnnggg catch up! LOL! She noticed the change in my face! ahhhh! and told her all the gory details haha!!
  Bless her and her dad, they helped me move my stuff too as my parents are no where near fit enough to even drive, let alone lift things.
  So after shifting everything except kitchen stuff, it turns out they are staying at the travelodge........and I'm invited whooop whooopp!!! Ahhhhh! So a few cheeky drinks in the bar, which her dad wouldn't let me buy!!!! bless him and a hilarious evening! VICTOR!!!! haha she will get it!!! I don't want her to leave me tomorrow!!!!! :(  Well, early start tomorrow, moving the kitchen junk ....yay for us lol.

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Day 20 Back to Coventry!

  I'm so gutted I'm going back so soon, i feel awful leaving my mum and dad after all the pants stuff going on bless them!!!
  After finding out the tube i need to go on is not running and missing my last rain and paying stupid money to get back to Coventry, i really cant be bothered to start packing today.
  Two friends from the halls i live in came to meet me at the train station, and were quite shocked! I'm still not convinced i look any different lol! Bless them! Feels so odd to be back for the last few days of living there!! ahhhhh! Its even more weird that I'm the only girl on my floor! spoooookky!!! I can not wait for sammi and jocelyn to get their backsides here to move stuff out, i cannot wait to see them!

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Day 19 Dad Is Home!!!!

  Yes, dad is home!!! So so happy!!! I'm so glad he is home now because it gives my poor mum a rest from going up and down the hospital everyday.....especially as I'm going back to Coventry on Sunday, to start packing and moving my stuff into the house I'm living in for my second year at uni. Just wish dad was home earlier!
   OMG all of my stitches have now fallen out! It was so eurgh, they would fall off and i'd feel something floating around in my mouth........a stitch....NICE!!!! Lol! At least i don't have to worry about them so much now when I'm brushing my teeth!!! This sounds so stupid, but i love brushing my 'new' teeth!! I'm still not used to where they are positioned, i still end up trying to brush my lower set of teeth further down than i need to haha, because that's where I'm so used to them being!!! I cant stop smiling, especially when i pass a mirror, i love how my teeth now meet!!! Dad cant get over the change, but i don't think i look that different.
  Ahhhh best get cracking with packing stuff to take back to Coventry...........i hate packing!.

Friday, 1 July 2011

Day 18 AMAZING DAY!!!! :D :D :D

   Yay, Yay, Yay!!! Such an amazing day!!! Finally something bloody good to happen hehe!!!! Wooooooooooooooooooo!!!!

   My second mum, bless her! Took me to my appointment at the hospital to see my orthodontist, because mum has a meeting at work to sort out when she is fit to go back to work......lazy minx been of 6 months! hehe!

  So, the good times started!! My orthodontist took one look and made me bite together and said...'Oh dear' WHAT!! I panicked wtf!! lol but he was just messing! I nearly died lol. He says it looks fantastic and took off the surgical hooks and put in an elastic band through my top set of teeth to close a tiny gap i have between my two front teeth......to stop me from moaning :D He also said the brace could be coming off soon!!!! WHAT!!!! I thought they had to be on a year after surgery!!! Apparently not! It only takes six weeks to heel! :D Whoop Whoop!! He said i could keep them if i would like.........naaahhhhhh!! I'm good thanks lol!.
  I went for x-rays, which was so so weird!! I have to bit on a metal thing and before i could even tough it with my teeth but now i can.....but my teeth are numb and i was petrified of biting too hard and breaking my teeth!!!! Just cant win with me haha!!!

Here is the fun part.........my orthodontist asked me if i wouldn't mind going into a student talk who are studying the methods of jaw surgery, to ask me questions as a prime case study!!! Freaked out a little bit, but i went for it!! Ahhhhhhh!
  I first saw my surgeon who i introduced to my second mum :D and he seemed so glad i came to do this. After what they have done for me, its the least i could do to say a massive thank you!!! I went into the room, and there were about 8 students and i was sat in the  'hot seat'! Ahhhhhhh! Shoot me now haha....nah it wasn't so scary! At least my face wasn't so fat! haha! So i talked about the process of getting braces, being told i need surgery, what type of surgery i would need etc. The student asked would i do it again....god yes!!! Its fab!!! Its so amazing what they have done! When i look back at old pictures, i didn't think my teeth was that bad, let alone need surgery!!! I can see a HUGE difference in my teeth! They also asked about how i found out about the surgery, like reading blogs, info leaflets and youtube. Bless them, they were all so lovely! My surgeon and orthodontist were so thankful for me going in to talk bless them, id do it again!! Its quite fun......haha I'm such a sado! Sometimes i forget I've had it done because so much other stuff is going on lol!

The good times doesn't end there.....

University Results!!!! Ahhhhhhhh!!! I passed every single module and got some Firsts in a few modules!!! Whoop Whoop!!! One step closer to becoming a weather forecaster!!! Bring it on!!! I'm so so happy, I'm actually bouncing off the walls! I cant stop smiling!! Never mind if it causes my jaw to ache....i don't care I'm so flipping ecstatic right now!!!!! I couldn't wait to tell dad!!
   Dad was so thrilled!! Both my parents said they don't know how i did it considering they were both in and out of hospital at the time of me taking my exams!!! I don't even know how i did it!!!! :D