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Sunday, 29 July 2012

Day 411- Badminton :D

    I woke up today in a little bit of pain......maybe due to too much singing whilst i was out last night.....my bad!
   Today me and my mum fancied getting out of the house to play badminton. What a cracking game! Definitely getting in the spirit of the Olympics.

   Last night felt so good to go out. The pictures show that my face was still a tiny bit swollen...but that will not stop me haha! Today the swelling is much the same as yesterday. My lovely cousin saw me after i was walking out of the sports centre and laughed at my weird face! Thanks a bunch haha!

Smile getting there. Still feel puffy.

Chubby cheek.

Cheeky grin :)

Last nights photos. :D

Getting there :D WHOOP WHOOP!


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