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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Day 407- Fat Face.....GROWING!!!

   A bit of a shock this morning when i looked in the mirror.....my face has swollen even more!!! It has caused my right eye to shrink and look really puffy as though I've been rubbing that eye LOL!!! Taking my retainer out is a mission, trying not to touch any of the stitches!!! Ahhhh!

   Today turned out to be a lovely hot day, and decided to take the dogs to Nene Park for a walk. It was so hot but the doggies loved it! I had a few odd looks from people.....but it just looks like I've been in a punch up! Smiling looks hilarious, as one side doesn't move, so I'm sorta half smiling!

Lol the right side of my face just bulges out!! ( Your left)

You can see the swelling and my eye puffing out! CHUBS! haha!


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