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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Day 406- Fat Face Returns......

    I had the most pants night sleep ever! I woke up at 3am because my jaw was so painful. I had to get up and take some painkillers and attempt at getting back to sleep.....which failed. I was so tired, but felt so wide awake! My face has definitely swelled up quite a lot overnight, as i can feel my right eye seems to be slightly smaller because of the puffyness. Looking very attractive right now.

   To take my mind off of it, my mum took me to the coast to enjoy the sunshine and have a bit of a bike ride along sea. I'm so glad i got out of the house because the weather has been so lovely....definitely makes a change.  A little bike ride turned out to be 18 miles.......whoopsy! But i felt fine, i kept up with taking painkillers and filled up on milkshakes and a few chips.....again!

   By time we got home, i was so tired and the site of plate removal seemed to be aching slightly. I have to admit that i think this time round is quite painful but still bearable, whereas the original surgery didn't really cause any pain at all. Would of thought it to be the other way round.

Picture Update

Taken early this morning. Doesn't look too bad.

Taken later on in the evening. You can see a big puffy cheek on my right (your left). Looks like a slight bruise trying to appear underneath my eye.

My Fat Face :) LOL! 

Hopefully tomorrow the swelling subsides rather than increases. 


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