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Saturday, 28 July 2012

Day 410- Going out......looking like a chipmunk. Well. On one side.

    Saturday :D Must of been a busy day at work as there desperate for me to come back.....probably could now, but I'm still taking tramadol which makes me so sleepy....don't think i should be dealing with money....and I'm quite enjoying time off in the sun :).

    I stayed at home today helping out in the garden, painting our new fence.....and getting a tan :)

My face is still slightly swollen, its not hugely visible, but to me it feels big. Smiling is still not natural, as you'll see from the photos, my smile is half asleep haha!

I'm off out down the town with the girls tonight to chill out.

Lazy grin :)

Chipmunk cheek!

Cheeky (lazy) smile.


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