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Monday, 23 July 2012

Day 405- Post second surgery!

   Mum took me to my day surgery appointment for 11.30. It was such a sunny day, so glad i didn't miss all the sunshine.

   When i arrived, i had my height and weight done as well as go through details of allergies, medication, reaction to anaesthetic etc. The nurse was lovely bless her. The same surgeon i had for the original surgery then came to see me, to talk through the procedure and allow me to ask any questions. I was more concerned about when i could go running again LOL! Turns out i can go for a short jog as early as Wednesday! SO HAPPY!! He asked whether the pain in my jaw had become any worse or had any weird taste in my mouth. The frequency of it being painful was becoming more regular, but that is probably due to me working in the chillers at work.....my bad.

   The anaesthetist then popped to see me to ask how i was before when being put to sleep. I was a little bit sick before.....but I'm sure that was due to swallowing tea and blood. Not gonna lie, i LOVE my tea :). He asked me to take my blue asthma inhaler before today's procedure to open up my airways.

   After waiting just under an hour or so, the nurse gave me my lovely hospital gown haha! to get changed into. I could not for the life of me tie the strings up at the back. Bless the young nurse who helped me haha! She told me never to cut my hair short because she loved my long hair haha! I had to tape my belly bar just to be safe.

  Me and mum were in the waiting room until about 13.50 watching the news and cooking shows...... don't even know why because i was absolutely starving!!! What a muppet! Then i walked to the theatre. The was a bed waiting for me in the centre of the room, with about 6 or 7 staff! Blimey. My surgeon asked me to say what I'm having done, and if I'm okay. I was quite calm. I think after last years surgery, i trust my surgeon. The anaesthetist sorted out my canular in my left hand, whilst having an oxygen mask on my face.....and that's the last thing i remember.

   I woke up back on the ward i was originally in when i arrived with mum next to me.I felt something in my mouth. turned out to be cotton wool, soaked up the blood from the incision. My surgeon popped round to see me and took the cotton wool out of my mouth. He then showed me the plate and screws. It turns out there was definitely an infection there, and i remembered the plate being slightly out of shape. Might of been due to the way it was taken out, cant really remember..... the drugs made me feel like i was drunk haha! I don't need to see him for another year, unless there are any other problems. I cant thank him enough for what he has done.

   I had my canular removed and was able to get dressed......slowly. It was only 14.50! All done and awake within an hour! Awesome. I was given Tramadol to take home with me, but i didn't want to have any until i has at least eaten something...... don't fancy being sick. Before we left, i had a cup of tea.....through a straw because on side of my face is numb and beginning to swell slightly, and we were off home.
You can see the swelling is beginning to show (my right side) on the left side of the picture.

Trying to crack a smile, but half my face is asleep haha!

   We popped into Tesco, and i didn't feel too bad, just a bit hungry haha! So i got some Muller rices and milkshakes to have. Once i was home, my brother had come home with a chippy! I was well chuffed i managed so have a small plate of chips.......took me a while haha!

   Hopefully i sleep well!


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