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Thursday, 19 January 2012

Day 219- More official photos

  So i found so more photos from the hospital throughout the whole process. Some look terrible and painful, but i can honestly say it doesn't cause any pain.....just uncomfortable.
  Updating to the previous posts about the slight ache/pain I've been having must of been down to the cold......or talking too much haha, as its not so bad any more. Fingers crossed it stays that way. I did notice that on the same side on the roof of my mouth, one side feels cold in comparison to the other side all the time......weird. Have no idea why.....will find out. Anyway here are the shocking pictures, some have a few pictures missing as it just was not possible to do, from being so swollen and not being able to open my mouth more than 2mm.
Click on the image to see them bigger.....if you really want to haha!

These look so odd because the mirror show two view of my bottom set of teeth!

Wishing everyone else a speedy recovery and good luck to those having surgery.


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