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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Day 202 - 2012 :)

Hey bloggers! Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a fab Christmas! Bless you bloggers who underwent surgery in the days leading up to Christmas! Not going to lie, i couldn't imagine not being able to eat Christmas dinner! Wish you guys the best with recovery :D

    I been working ridiculous hours at Tesco before i go back to uni. Everyone I've seen even some people i don't even know tell me to keep smiling because i have a beautiful smile! Bless them!

   I think the nerve in the roof of my mouth is definitely staying numb lol. Everytime i brush my teeth, or tough my teeth with my tongue on my right side, it feels so weird, definitely not going to be easy to get used to haha.

Happy New Year to everyone :D


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