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Thursday, 15 December 2011

Day 183- Going Home for Christmas!! :D

    Can not wait to get home and see the house all christmassy! :D

So the roof of my mouth on one side is still numb and a tiny bit sensitive at times. Ive noticed that my back teeth don't quite meet anymore :S not sure why! I don't have my next orthodontist appointment until the 2nd of February  for a retainer check :)

Me and the family went to my aunts 40th birthday party, and commented on how different my face looks and that i have a beautiful set of teeth :D

Pic of the family, and my auntie mel.

Last night me and the housemate made our own Christmas dinner, and it was so much easier chewing foods, but my front teeth a too sensitive to bite anything quite hard. It will get there lol. 
Here was our table ready to pig out :D hehe!

Good luck to those having surgery! :)


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