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Friday, 10 February 2012

Day 241- Orthodontist appointment!

Hi guys! Its been a long while!

    So today i had an orthodontists appointment, but i didn't get to see my normal orthodontist, because he was busy. I saw another lady who i have seen before i had surgery. She was amazed at the results and is quite chuffed! She asked me whether i have noticed any changes in my teeth, so i told her about my back teeth that i think are either subsiding from where my wisdom teeth were taken out, or the gap is just opening again at the back. She doesn't seem too concerned, but she said if the gap seems to get any worse or causes problems, the only way would be to put the braces back on for a short period of time.......brilliant! lol.

  She checked my retainer and was pleased it hadn't cracked or split, and said it was the cleanest she has ever seen :D Whoop whoop!

Next appointment should be around 3 months, but haven't been set a date yet.

We have had quite a bit of snowfall in the past week, thought id share my amazing attempt at pushing a trolley in it! LOL!

  I met a girl who i knew from school in the reception, and it turns out she needs the same surgery too! Bless her heart. Good luck Charlotte :)


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