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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Visit to the Clinic

Had a visit to the clinic today to get a new upper retainer because my original one has holes in......whoops! The stuff used to make the mould i will never miss! Yuck! Whilst waiting for the retainer to be made i made the most of the sunshine and enjoyed a cuppa in the sun!

    When i went back to pick up the retainer i had to wait a will before i could see my surgeon about the plate being a pain! Turns out i also need the lower right plate taken out, meaning all the metal work in the right side of my jaws will be gone! Just have to wait for a surgery date.

  Whilst i was there a young girl and here mum was also at the clinic, and turns out she needs the same surgery. I was more than happy to talk to them, bless them and reassure them that it is well worth it! Good luck lovely!!! It will be over in a flash!

Picture update :-)

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

2 Years Post Double Jaw surgery!!!

So its been ages since i last posted, been so caught up completing my university degree, running races.....new PB for half marathon ...bang on 2 hours!!! whoop! and working full time.
               Its been two years since double jaw surgery!!!! Shocking. The time has flown by!

   So since i last posted, i still get some slight pain in my lower right jaw after running and when its really cold.   Doesn't really help that i work in the chilled department at work ha!
  People who i used to go to school with tell me that i look different, but don't know why....then i explain and they seem so shocked! haha!

I had a check up and the clinic today and expressed the pain issues i still have since the previous visit. My surgeon was not available, however my orthodontist suggested i come back to see him as well as get new retainers, as they have holes in! Also, i've been asked to be a case study! Geek! Why not? Already visited postgrad students in training before, might aswell. The department has helped me a great deal so it my chance to help. So i had more photography done and answered a few questions :)

Here are a few pics over the recent months :)

Smile :D

Strike a pose!

'We own the night' Race in London. 

Random, but i poured my heart a soul into this. Enjoy the title HAHA!

BEST picture taken at hospital medical photography haha!

Will keep you posted on my next visit to the clinic on the 9th July :) 

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Check up :)

    Today i had an appointment to see my surgeon for a check up to see if everything is okay as its been 18 months since surgery!! Shocking how time just disappears.

  Well since my last post, my lower retainer cracked in November so i had to joy of having molds done for another one, and now the upper retainer has a chunk missing.....looks as though i've been grinding my teeth in my sleep.....or i just got hungry ha! Luckily i did not have to have another made as i was reassured it will be fine until my next appointment, thank goodness. Last time i had a new one made, i put the retainer in, it was so tight, felt like i was there for hours trying to get it off my teeth whilst pulling some bizarre faces.

   I still get a dull ache in my lower right jaw after running long distances, but i have no sign of infection which is good to know. Just hope its down to the cold weather haha.

  All in all was fine, and i have no areas of numbness at all! I only have one more appointment in June 2013 then i will be FREE!!! Whoop Whoop!

I love my teeth :D

Getting all festive, i had to have a picture with THE snowman from the John Lewis advert! Merry Christmas everyone :)

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Day 494- Update

   So i haven't written on here in a while!!!! I was supposed to have an appointment on the 16th of August, but got cancelled on the morning of the appointment due to an emergency admission. I haven't since received a rescheduled appointment.

    Since having the plate removed its mainly been fine, however when i moved back to university at the end of September it started to become quite painful again! Do not understand why, and ached for a few days. I put it down to running as after every long run it seemed to start to ache. It hasn't happened lately and i've been running a lot more, so maybe its due to the sudden changes in temperature? Who knows.

Ran my 4th Half Marathon last weekend in Coventry........NEW PERSONAL BEST :) 2 hours, 8 minutes :)

Was so chuffed!!!

Good luck to those waiting to have surgery :)


Monday, 6 August 2012

Day 419- Two weeks post plate removal :)

  So today marks two weeks since i had my upper, right jaw plate and screws removed! How time flies!

The swelling has completely disappeared but the stitches still haven't gone, and it really feels like i have a bit of food stuck there, but its just the stitches haha!

  So since the last post, i no longer have to take any pain killers whoop whoop! It feels so good not to have the ache in my jaw that i had prior to surgery! I'm also eating everything now haha!

   I took advantage of my time off and went cycling, running and a trip to the zoo where i went on a zip wire which was terrifying but AMAZING!!!

This was taken a few days ago, and my smile is still a bit lazy haha!
The tiniest bit of swelling there, but not visible anymore.

Zipwire! Terrifying, but ill do it again!

Out with a few of the girls, with a less swollen face this time round haha!

New hair!!! Loads Chopped off! 

This is really random, but i think its really cute. This is the ball pit we got our little dogs haha! They LOVE it!

Monday, 30 July 2012

Day 412- Biking in Thetford Forest :)

   Today i really have noticed that my face is coming down. The puffy area is taking its time to subside and can still be slightly painful inside my mouth. My stitches are still in place.....not one of them has fallen out yet. I'm still taking painkillers, but only paracetamol, tramadol just makes me tired.

   Whilst the weather is still okay, we decided to go cycling in Thetford forest along the trails.Its was brilliant, got covered in mud from going through muddy puddles haha! and it poured it down!

   My next appointment at the orthodontist is on the 16th August....i think.

Still got a lazy smile.

Still slightly puffy, but not much.

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Day 411- Badminton :D

    I woke up today in a little bit of pain......maybe due to too much singing whilst i was out last night.....my bad!
   Today me and my mum fancied getting out of the house to play badminton. What a cracking game! Definitely getting in the spirit of the Olympics.

   Last night felt so good to go out. The pictures show that my face was still a tiny bit swollen...but that will not stop me haha! Today the swelling is much the same as yesterday. My lovely cousin saw me after i was walking out of the sports centre and laughed at my weird face! Thanks a bunch haha!

Smile getting there. Still feel puffy.

Chubby cheek.

Cheeky grin :)

Last nights photos. :D

Getting there :D WHOOP WHOOP!