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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Visit to the Clinic

Had a visit to the clinic today to get a new upper retainer because my original one has holes in......whoops! The stuff used to make the mould i will never miss! Yuck! Whilst waiting for the retainer to be made i made the most of the sunshine and enjoyed a cuppa in the sun!

    When i went back to pick up the retainer i had to wait a will before i could see my surgeon about the plate being a pain! Turns out i also need the lower right plate taken out, meaning all the metal work in the right side of my jaws will be gone! Just have to wait for a surgery date.

  Whilst i was there a young girl and here mum was also at the clinic, and turns out she needs the same surgery. I was more than happy to talk to them, bless them and reassure them that it is well worth it! Good luck lovely!!! It will be over in a flash!

Picture update :-)


Johanna said...

Hi i had my double jaw surgery about 12 weeks ago and im due to have some if my plates out in a couple if days so i was googling other people that have had plates out and i found your blog, i was just wondering how long is the recovery after the plate removal and whats it like? Also from looking at your pictures in the hospital and orthodontist and reading where you're from i think we may have had surgery in the same place, i had mine in addenbrokes hospital in cambridge? :)

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